Jim & Gail's Wedding

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The bride and her bridesmaids. Nicole, Gail, Kay and Jamie. Posted by Picasa

The groom and his groomsment. Jason, Jim, Bill and Brent. Posted by Picasa

As you can tell there was a mad rush as the groom tossed the garter. They were so short on single men that little Aidan decided to help Uncle Greg. They were just too slow. Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 11, 2005

Pictures from Jim and Gail's Wedding

These pictures are from my brother Jim and his wife Gail's wedding on July 9, 2005.

My brother and I before the wedding. Posted by Picasa

Bill and I before the wedding. Posted by Picasa

Melanie and her second cousin Madison. Madison is the daughter of the cousin Shelly. She and I are 6 months apart in age. Madison and Melanie are 3 month apart in age.
 Posted by Picasa

My beautiful best friend April and her mother Linda. She looks so great for being 8 months pregnant doesn't she? Linda has only been waiting 9 years for this grand baby.
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The bride and groom surrounded by bubbles. Posted by Picasa

In the Limo! Posted by Picasa

After the ceremony, the bridal party went the Gail's parent's house for some pictures. The backyard was beautiful. Posted by Picasa

A friend brought over their harley for a prop in the pictures. It seemed fitting since Jim works for Harley Davidson. Sharing a loving glance. Posted by Picasa

Jim and Gail steal a kiss on the Harley. Posted by Picasa

The Halpin family. Gail, Caden, Jim and Anna. Posted by Picasa

The whole family...Melanie, Anna Gail, Rene, Caden, Dad (Jim), Gail, Jim, Me, Bill, Samantha, Mom and Ernie Posted by Picasa

Rene, Dad, me and Jim Posted by Picasa

Mom, Ern, me and Jim Posted by Picasa

The beautiful bride just hanging out while the groom danced with his mother. Posted by Picasa

The best man toast. Bill was so worried but it went well. Posted by Picasa

Bill and Sami dancing. Well not really... he was trying to avoid getting his picture taken with some contraband. Posted by Picasa

Busted!!!!!!!!!! Bill hid away to the back room to eat a McDonalds cheeseburger. He didn't care for the food at the reception so my Uncle Rich bought him I cheeseburger. Posted by Picasa

The flower girl tosses her bouquet to all the single young ladies in the room. It was thrown twice and each time it was thrown back to the flower girl. It would have gone on all night if we left it.  Posted by Picasa

Time for the bridal toss...It's mine, no it's mine!  Posted by Picasa

Melanie caught the bouquet. Don't worry she's not allowed to date until she's about 30. Posted by Picasa

My Grandpa and Grandma Halpin. Posted by Picasa

Bill and Aunt Ann sharing a glass of champagne. I know where Bill's hands are but where Aunt Ann's other hand? Posted by Picasa